After Terrible Angel Hernandez call Kyle Schwarber lost his mind 2022

Angel Hernandez: Kyle Schwarber did what plenty of other MLB players have likely thought of doing over the years on Sunday night.

The Phillies star went ballistic on home plate umpire Angel Hernandez after a questionable strikeout call in the ninth inning of a game that had a number of them — from an ump with a history of getting calls wrong. 

Schwarber took a 3-2 sinker from Brewers closer to Josh Hader who he thought was off the outside corner. But it was called a strike by Hernandez for the second out of the inning in a game the host Phillies would lose 1-0. 

If you know the name of an umpire and you know the name of an umpire, it’s bad for the umpire. In the present, there’s no one who’s more relevant than Angel Hernandez, who was at the plate on Sunday Night Baseball’s game against the Brewers and Phillies. Phillies as well as Brewers. Brewers on the streets of Philadelphia.

In the final inning of the ninth, Hernandez rang up outfielder Kyle Schwarber on a strike three call that seemed as if it was off the bat during a complete count. Angel Hernandez

Schwarber was fed up with Hernandez’s strike zone which looked more like an amoeba rather than a box throughout the night He slammed his bat on the ground and was thrown in Hernandez’s face. He gestured clearly that Hernandez was all across the place.

It’s hard to describe the severity of how shoddy the calls made by Schwarber were. ESPN’s announcers had nothing to do with the incident, stating that Schwarber had been “speaking in both directions” during the show.

From the beginning of the fifth innings, ESPN’s announcers were questioning Bryce Harper in an on-field interview about whether strike zones as broad as Hernandez’s requires you to alter the way you approach. The inconsistent approach was noticed and noted at the beginning of the game.

Schwarber’s meltdown was not the result of a single mistake, even though it was an important one in a high-leverage scenario (Schwarber played the tying run in the ninth inning in a 1-0 match).

Instead, as Schwarber notes by using his hands Hernandez was extremely inconsistent regardless of who was on the plate. Schwarber knew he was going to be being thrown out following that third strike was declared and made sure that he earned his money’s worth.

Angel Hernandez

Umpiring is undoubtedly difficult- trying to make pitches traverse the plate within one glance and fighting a catcher who is constantly trying to fool you.

However, that’s not an excuse for not having an understanding of the plate for the duration of an entire game. In fact, Hernandez has umpired games in the MLB since 1991. He’s also had training.

In 2017 Hernandez filed a lawsuit against the MLB in the name of the recurrent feud between him and then MLB Vice-President Joe Torre. Hernandez asserted that Joe Torre his previous World Series manager of the New York Yankees was not allowing him to be assigned assignments due to his race.

The lawsuit was dismissed in 2021 when the MLB successfully argued that Hernandez “has not shown the ability to lead or manage situations in crucial high-pressure positions consistently,” per ESPN. source

Could the fact that this was taking place on a national television broadcast in the absence of any other games being played be the cause for MLB to intervene and repercussions to horribly-called games played by umpires? Don’t be too sure.

It could be that it causes MLB to contemplate long and deeply about who it will want behind the plate, specifically when games will be watched by many people watching them.

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