Arrest Warrant Issued for NFL star Earl Thomas on April 27

Arrest Warrant Issued for NFL star Earl Thomas, Earl Thomas has discovered himself in more legal troubles.

An Austin judge has signed an order of arrest for the former University of Texas and NFL star Earl Thomas, according to KVUE’s partners in the media at the Austin American-Statesman.

Police allege that 33-year-old Thomas was in violation of a court protective order when he sent threatening texts to an individual concerning the children she and she have.

A warrant issued on April 27 was issued accusing Thomas of breaking the protective order two or more times over 12 months, which is considered a third-degree criminal offense.

As reported by the Austin American-Statesman, Texas authorities have issued a felony warrant of arrest for the former NFL star.

The publication reports that a Seven-time Pro Bowl player has been charged with violating a protection order by sending threats via texts to the mother of her children and a woman.

Thomas was previously a player with Seattle Seahawks and Baltimore Ravens and has not been charged. Baltimore Ravens and Seattle Seahawks have not yet been charged at press time.

Thomas has not yet been taken into Travis County Jail. Travis County Jail at this moment.

A seven-time Pro Bowl safety has not been on the field since 2020 after Baltimore Ravens released him.

Baltimore Ravens released him after an incident in which he punched a teammate at the preseason training. He was with UT from 2008 to. On April 22nd it was announced that He is hoping to make a return to football in NFL.

The Statesman reports Thomas owns an apartment situated in West Austin with his estranged wife. He also has a home in Orange which is where he was raised. as a child.

Earl Thomas
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Arrest Warrant Issued for NFL star Earl Thomas: Earl Thomas held at gunpoint by wife

In May 2020, the police were able to arrest Thomas and his partner, Nina, after she was accused of pointing a gun at Thomas’ head after entering a home on vacation and spotting him with a different woman. The couple filed for divorce that November. Arrest Warrant Issued for NFL star Earl Thomas.

The protective order of 12 months was granted in May 2021 at which point Thomas was informed that he was able to only contact the woman via a shared parenting app on mobile.

The court documents reveal that Thomas, the previous Seahawks as well as Raves star had violated the rules at least twice One of the violations was reported to have occurred on the 18th of April when he was alleged to have messaged the woman that he had bought two weapons and threatened her with “kick her ass.”

The next morning, Thomas was reported to have told her ” I hope you get are in the car with me as well as the kids and all of us leave the road. Ima let my mommy and my brothers poison them (their children) to death.”

Thomas is currently involved in divorce proceedings along with Nina Thomas, who filed for divorce in the latter part of 2020.

The year before, Thomas allegedly pointed a gun at her husband when she claimed he was infidelity. Thomas’s attorney claims that the messages are a result of his client’s attempts to get his children’s attention.

“They were conscious and collectively working together to take care of his children,” his attorney, Trey Dolezal, told the Statesman. “I am not sure why he would be in violation for working together to go to his kids’ school.

In nine years with the Seahawks, Thomas totaled 664 tackles, 28 interceptions, and 67 pass deflections.

A key member of the ‘Legion of Boom’, it was with Seattle that he made two straight Super Bowl appearances, including a title in 2013. Things didn’t end well for Thomas in the Emerald City, however. source

A contract dispute, coupled with a broken leg, marked the conclusion of his final campaign with the Seahawks. He signed a four-year, $55MM deal with the Ravens in 2019, leading to big expectations for himself personally and the team in general.

Thomas has been accused of a third-degree felony for allegedly breaking his protective orders. Thomas, an NFL free agent hasn’t played since the year 2019.

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