Britney Spears won conservatorship case, writes book on Traumatic Life 2022

The pop star Britney Spears will be lifting the lid on her eventful life in a new book, but she says about it is an emotional journey reliving her troubled past for the upcoming book.

The 40 year old pop sensation won back control of her life last november after a 13 year conservatorship case that granted her father control of her financial and personal affairs was finally overturned.

On Wednesday, the singer Britney Spears sang her heart out in a candid account of her life and how painful it’s been over the last 13 years under conservatorship case. The singer demanded an end to the legal system, Britney spoke in public for the first time regarding conservatorship case in a 30-minute long speech.

Below are major points of Britney’s speech.

Britney Spears admitted writing her biography has been the most exhausting experience.

In a since-deleted Instagram post, the 40-year-old admitted that she tears up every time she begins penning her memoir.

“Writing my book is actually hard after speaking for two hours each time to this lovely lady trying to create drafts…

I was touring in the year 2018. I was forced to go on tour in 2018. My boss said that if did not do the tour, I’ll need to hire an attorney. My own management may claim a lawsuit if I failed to complete the tour. It was very intimidating and frightening.

With being in conservatorship case, I could not even obtain an attorney of my own. Therefore, out of fear, I went for it and completed the tour.

Three days after I had said that I would not be participating in the Vegas concert in the year 2018 My therapist sat me down in a conference room and told me he’d received many phone calls concerning the fact that I wasn’t cooperating during rehearsals and that I didn’t take my medication. This was all nonsense.

I was prescribed lithium completely out of the blue. Lithium is extremely strong and totally different drug from what I was accustomed to. It can cause mental impairment when you consume too much, or if you remain on it for more than five years. However, he forced me to take the drug and I was drunk.

– My family did not do a thing but my dad was all for it. Everything that was happening to me had be confirmed through my father. He was the person who was the one to approve everything. My entire family was not involved.

The control that he (Jamie Spears) was able to exert over someone with the same power as me. He loved the power to harm his own daughter.

I’ve been lying and told the entire world “I’m good and I’m content.” It’s an untruth. I was thinking I could just could have said it enough. Because I’ve been in denial. It’s been a shock. I am traumatised.

I know how to fake it until you can make it. However, now I’m telling the truth, okay? I’m unhappy. I’m unable to sleep. I’m so mad it’s crazy. and I’m also depressed. I cry all day long.

My dad and everyone associated with this conservatorship case as well as my management, who played a major part in retributing me – They should be imprisoned.

I’m entitled to a fulfilling life. I’ve worked all my life. I’m entitled to an opportunity to take a two-three year vacation and be able to follow my heart and what I’d like to do.

I would like to gradually advance and want to achieve the ultimate and I would like to be able get married and have a child. I’m currently that in the conservatorship case I’m not able to be married or have a baby. I’m carrying an (IUD) within me currently, so I can’t have a baby. I’ve always wanted to take out the (IUD) off so that I could begin trying to get another child.

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Britney Spears told everything at the court hearing conservatorship case that she cries for days

This conservatorship case has done me far more harm than good.

I want to have a session with an therapist at least once per week, not every week. Also, I want him to visit my house. Since I am aware that I’m in need of a little therapy.

It’s like I’m being made to feel as if I’m in a rehab program. It’s my home. I’d like for my husband have the ability to chauffeur me in his vehicle.

I’m not able meet my friends who live only eight minutes from me and I find this quite odd.

I would like to see changes moving forward. I deserve changes. I was told that I need to go to the table and be examined again, in order to get rid of the conservatorship case. Ma’am, I had no idea I was able to (contest) my conservatorship.

I’m not obliged to anyone anything, especially me, who has sheltered and fed a lot of tour-goers in the field. It’s humiliating and demoralizing and that’s why I’ve never spoken about it publicly.

The reason I’m here is that I’d like to finish the conservatorship and not have to be examined. source

Since my family has lived on my conservatorship case for 13 years, I wouldn’t be shocked if one of them is able to speak up in the future, and declare, “We don’t think this should be over, but we need to assist her.” Particularly if it is my turn to expose the things they did to me.

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