Damon Thomas first husband of Kim Kardashian claims she was ‘on ecstacy’ at their wedding 2020

The music producer Damon Thomas first husband of Kim Kardashian who got married to the reality TV star at the age of 19 years old, has finally spoken about their brief marriage between 2000 and 2003. In particular, Thomas takes issue with his ex’s assertion that she was on ecstasy at the time they were married.

Kim Kardashian’s spouse Damon Thomas believes it was “unfair” and “reckless” for Kim Kardashian to claim her ecstasy levels were elevated during the time they got married in 2000.

Kardashian — who got married with producer Damon Thomas when she was 19 and he was 29she revealed in a 2018 episode of The Keeping Up with the Kardashians that she was on the drug for partying during the couple’s Las Vegas nuptials.

Kardashian made the comments during an episode of 2018 on her E! reality show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians in which the sister of Kendall Jenner discussed her past as a wild child, telling her she was unaware that she’d ever got high.

“I was married with ecstasy,”” the 41-year-old confessed while adding “No I didn’t, not even it was the very first time.”

“I had ecstasy once and I was engaged,” she explained. “I repeated it when I made the sexual tape. It was like, everything bad would occur.”

Damon Thomas first husband of Kim Kardashian called her irresponsible

It was apparently new to Damon Thomas first husband of Kim Kardashian who told his version of events in an YouTube interview on Monday after being asked questions regarding the story concerning the incident.

Damon Thomas
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“Yeah I don’t recall it in any way,” he countered. “You are right, I’ll say this in all fairness I’ll make a comment about that particular episode … first foremost, let’s discuss Kim.

We’re proud of her. I’m proud of her family. I’ve met Kris … Everyone is in agreement, and when I last saw Kris last time, we were cool. I’ve also seen her at least a couple of times.”

“I believe it’s unjust to make such general statements since we have children now, and you know I have kids, and my child attends the same school that her child attends, so think of his situation when he must confront that issue,” Damon Thomas continued.

“I believe she ought to be more cautious with her assertions because there’s so much more to the issue … And I can get into it and blow up the place however I won’t. I’ve been extremely responsible and I’ve not been discussing the relationship and the significance it had for me.”

“Because it was in the past, you can attempt to brush it under the carpet, but you shouldn’t be with someone or remain with them for more than four or five years if the relationship is due to you getting high from ecstasy. it doesn’t make sense in the least,” he added. source

It’s amazing that Thomas would like to keep things to the past in respect for their children However, on the other the other hand … hell do not threaten us with a party!

We have not yet heard the opinion of Ray J on whether Kim was actually high on ecstasy while recording of the sex tape like she mentioned in the tape, but it might be a bit more clear in light of the situation.

In the couple’s divorce papers, obtained by The Daily Mail in 2010, Kardashian accused Thomas of being controlling and possessive and alleged that he physically abused her.

According to The New York Daily News, Thomas denied the allegations to InTouch Weekly at the time, reportedly saying, “It’s just absolutely not true.”

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