Dave Chappelle attacked at Hollywood Bowl in LA 2022

Dave Chappelle attacked at Hollywood Bowl onstage at the end of Tuesday night by a man, who rushed into the stand-up comedian during his show on stage at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles.

In a video shared on the social networks, a man could be seen sprinting onto the stage, before lowering Chappelle as security guards rush to intervene.

The Los Angeles Police Department confirmed the incident, telling NBC Los Angeles that the suspect was carrying replica guns that could release the real knife blade if properly discharged. It is unclear if the man attempted to make use of the weapon.

The suspect was known as Isaiah Lee, 23, was arrested for assault with deadly weapons, an LAPD spokesperson confirmed Wednesday. Lee’s bail was set at $30,000.

The LAPD claimed that Lee was present in the crowd, and then jumped up on stage and attacked Chappelle at the time Chappelle was getting ready to leave. The comedian was performing at one of four nights in the “Dave Chappelle and Friends” show which took place as an event of the Netflix Is A Joke Festival.

Security guards employed for the show intervened , and removed the suspect from the performer, and then detained the man, according to police. The report claimed Lee suffered minor injuries in the fight, and was taken to hospital.

Chappelle was not hurt in the attack, the police reported.

Dave Chappelle
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Dave Chappelle was apparently unharmed after an audience member ran onto to the stage and physically smashed the comedian during mid-air during his show on stage in Los Angeles Tuesday night.

Security personnel took on the attacker and took him off the on the stage of the Hollywood Bowl. The man was later removed off the stage on a stretcher. He was later seen to have suffered injuries to his face and arm.

Dave Chappelle attacked at Hollywood Bowl during Performance in LA

Dave Chappelle attacked at Hollywood Bowl: The comedian lost his composure at times and then joked later: “That was a trans man,” an ode back to earlier remarks in his set which suggested he was a victim of transgender people. He also referenced previous content that was criticized as being transphobic.

At an earlier moment, Chappelle disappeared from view in order to track down the perpetrator. When Chappelle returned, he stated, “I’ve been doing this 35 years. I just stomped a [n-word] backstage — always wanted to do that,” appearing to be referring to his attacker.

The month of October was when Chappelle confronted controversy about his Netflix Special The Closer. In the special, Chappelle jokes about trans females and their genitalia, and defends J.K. Rowling against critics who claim she’s transphobic .

dave chappelle hollywood bowl 2022.
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South Florida Comedians Dave Chappelle

The incident also comes after another stage incident that was highly publicized that saw the actor Will Smith slapped comedian Chris Rock for a joke Rock made about his girlfriend, Jada Pinkett Smith, on the Oscars stage in March.

In his earlier set, that took place as part of his performance at Netflix Is A Joke festival, Chappelle discussed “the slap ‘heard round the world,” and said that both the actions of Rock and Smith were a source of inspiration for Chappelle.

Rock who played an unplanned set earlier in the evening, returned to the stage and joked “Was that Will Smith?” Dave chappelle hollywood bowl 2022.

Following the investigation was completed, The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences was able to ban Smith from its activities either in person, for ten years. source

Chappelle followed by introducing the set’s finale -the rap duo referred to by the name of Black Star, comprised of Yasiin Bey and Talib Kweli who were supported by DJ Madlib.

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