Psychologist testifies Amber Heard has histrionic and borderline personality disorder 2022

Amber Heard’s mental health was the main subject of court testimony on Tuesday. A forensic psychologist employed by the legal team of Johnny Depp said in testimony on Tuesday that she believes that Amber Heard has a histrionic and borderline personality disorder. She also said that she is not suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

The most recent evidence of their tumultuous marriage was the claim of the actor’s Bahamas management of the island that Heard told him he’d ‘die as a lonely, fat man’

Shannon Curry said that in preparation for the trial for defamation she spent 12-hours with Heard and during that time, Heard was able to take a variety of medical tests for mental wellbeing.

Shannon Curry stated that she also looked over Heard’s medical records, documents, audio recordings, photographs, and videos. Based on the results of the tests, Curry said she believes Heard has plenty of internal hostility and is self-righteous and judgmental, and full of rage.

“These aren’t fact, but her scores were consistent with other people who had obtained these scores who have been shown through many, many studies to have these very specific traits,” Curry stated.

Her testimony is coming when lawyers for Depp both Heard have attempted to portray one as the one who is the aggressor in their divorce. Depp has filed a suit against Heard in a $50-million settlement defamation following the time Heard published an opinion piece for The Washington Post, in which she claimed she was an abuse victim.

Depp has claimed that he was the target of violence domestically throughout their relationship. He claims that the suggestion that he had abused Heard — something He denies having done — affected his image and cost him film deals as well as other opportunities.

Heard hasn’t yet taken the stand, however, her lawyers have been accusing Depp of both sexual and physical abuse. They said it often occurred while he was taking alcohol or drugs.

The following day, Shannon Curry said she was of the opinion that the results of the test showed that she was a type of personality associated with anger and aggression “usually with people who are less powerful.”

Curry stated that when psychologists notice this kind of code they should be in contact with the patient’s coworkers, subordinates as well as other people “who may have observed their behavior more closely.”

“The 36 code type is very concerned with their image, very attention-seeking, very prone to externalizing blame to a point where it’s unclear whether they can even admit to themselves that they do have a responsibility in certain areas,” Curry stated.

Curry said in the judgment that the primary feature of borderline disorder was instability that manifests in interactions, moods, behavior and self-image, and sense of identity.

In Heard, She said, “that instability is really driven by this underlying terror of abandonment.”

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Histrionic and Borderline Personality Disorder to Amber, Depp’s Defamation Case

Curry explained that when someone is suffering from a histrionic and borderline personality disorder and they are scared of being abaned They will attempt “desperate attempts” to prevent people from leaving, like engaging in physical violence, threats, or even hurting themselves. (Depp has previously admitted that he reacted to conflicts with Heard by attempting to leave by closing himself up in the bathroom.)

One tactic that people who suffer from borderline personality disorder might employ is a physical assault on another person and later “getting harmed themselves,” Curry explained. They may also threaten to use law enforcement, for instance, declaring they’ll apply for a restraining order, or even declare that they have been abused, she said.

Heard that in 2016 that she was granted a restraining order against Depp with a photograph of her face bruised in the court document.

In the courtroom on Tuesday, Shannon Curry said she believes Heard suffers from a histrionic and borderline personality disorder. its main features include a lack of drama and shallowness. The sufferers of the disorder might feel uncomfortable about not having their image emphasized and if they feel that they aren’t the center of focus, they’ll fabricate stories, take the”victim,” as well as a “princess” role, or take care of themselves, Curry said.

Heard she has spoken out about suffering from the effects of trauma. speaking to The Sunday Times in the year 2018 For instance she was motivated after watching the testimony of Christine Blasey Ford, who has accused Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh of assaulting her sexually.

“I don’t hide under a table when I hear a loud bang, though that happens to certain people with PTSD,” Heard in an interview with the Times. “Trauma sneaks up on you in weird ways, where all of a sudden you find yourself in a puddle on the floor, crying while watching this play out live on Fox or CNN.”

Based on her assessment, Shannon Curry told the court on Tuesday that she believed Heard doesn’t have PTSD or PTSD and that she had been “grossly exaggerating symptoms of PTSD when asked about them.” Curry claimed that There are twenty “core symptoms” of histrionic and borderline personality disorder PTSD at first, but when interviewing her, Heard claimed she had only 19 symptoms of 20. source

“That’s not typical of somebody with even the most disabling form of PTSD,” Curry admitted in the testimony.

Curry claimed that as she kept asking Heard questions about his symptoms, she realized Heard had three of 20 symptoms.

Curry did not look at Depp.

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