How Jennifer Connelly’s Character Fits into Top Gun: Maverick 2022

Flying is not the only speed-based, complex activity in “Top Gun”

How Jennifer Connelly’s Character Fits into Top Gun: The film’s major plot involves Captain Pete “Maverick” Mitchell (Tom Cruise), rekindling their on-and-off relationship with Penny Benjamin (Jennifer Connelly), who is the owner of the TOPGUN pilot’s favorite local watering hole The Hard Deck. 

You may not be able to recall Penny from “Top Gun,” the 1986 film. She has been mentioned as an “admirals’ daughter” with whom Maverick had some romantic hijinks, but she was never seen.

Although Maverick started a relationship with Charlotte Blackwood (Kelly McGillis), it was later put on ice. “Top Gun: Maverick” suggests that Penny and Pete have a longer and more turbulent past than they realize when he returns to her bar in the film’s opening scene, much to her dismay.

Penny is the daughter of an admiral, and she has been involved with the Navy’s pilots since her childhood. However, Penny does not necessarily know much about flying. Director Joseph Kosinski explained that she instead displays her skills elsewhere. He said, “We like that she brings Maverick into the world for a scene.” He said, “And shows him what he can do.”

How Jennifer Connelly’s Character Fits into Top Gun

Penny Benjamin is not able to fly a plane but she can sail a boat. Penny Benjamin is not limited to revving up a motorboat. She has the complex, precise ability to operate the sails and build up significant velocity using the power from the wind. This is something even Maverick struggles with, as he can’t follow Penny’s instructions when they go sailing together.

Joseph Kosinski said that Penny Benjamin was a character we introduced in the film. “We finally get to meet her, although she was mentioned in the first film. That scene is my favorite. This idea came from a Naval advisor I spoke to early in my career.

Jennifer Connelly learned how to sail in accordance with the “Top Gun: Maverick” mandate.

Connelly spoke exclusively to Looper about taking sailing lessons. “It was fun, but also scary since I live in New York City.” “I was taking lessons in New York Harbor. It is insane. There are many ferries, police boats, and, believe it, kayakers, and jet skiers in New York Harbor. Who knew? It’s quite a bit of traffic. That was quite funny.”

Connelly said that if she was asked, she would have gone through flight training: “I wasn’t sorry that I wasn’t one of those pilots, but it would have been something I did.” Newsweek

“Top Gun: Maverick”, now in theatres

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