Majorca cliff-jumping accident man dies after jumping off 100-foot

Warning, Disturbing Content: Majorca cliff-jumping accident man dies after jumping off 100-foot. The moment that a father was thrown 100 feet to the ground to die during a trip to Majorca’s Malgrats Islands, Majorca, was recorded by his devastated wife and son.

A father on vacation with family members in Spain was killed in a cliff-jumping accident that went wrong, a shocking video reveals.

The Majorca cliff-jumping accident shocking footage shot from a boat nearby which is where the man’s wife, as well as son, were filming is of a 31-year-old Dutch tourist getting ready to take the 100-foot plunge on Thursday in the Malgrats Islands.

Majorca's Malgrats Islands
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The daredevil in the ill-fated accident made the leap from the cliff’s majestic lookout and then realized that his plunge was not going to cut through the sharp rock below, so he brutally crashed into the ocean while letting out a horrifying screaming.

Majorca cliff-jumping accident wife and son film moment of death of father

“Oh my God!” The man’s wife yelled as the clip, which is short and chilling, closed.
The man was not able to clear the rocks by leaping and sank into the water after he clipped the rocks. Pictures: CEN

A body, which was not quickly identified discovered in the lake following an extensive search.

It’s not clear if the authorities in the area are looking into the dangerous cliff-jumping incident it is a favorite among holidaymakers across Majorca.

The man had rented an inflatable boat for his wife in order to record the event.

The victim’s wife and son received counseling as the local authorities were searching for his body using helicopters, rescue boats, and divers.

Tombstoning is an action that lets thrill-seekers slam themselves from cliff edges, and then strike the water first.

Majorca is a favorite among the tombstoning crowd due to its rocky, high coastlines. There are even agencies that specialize in monitoring holidaymakers’ jumps.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the only instance when the cliff jumping act was a disaster – 4 people rushed to the hospital at Brit tourist hotspot Durdle Door in 2020 and the 200ft ledge attracted adrenaline addicts.

The sunbathers were screaming in terror when two adrenaline junkies jumped off an arch in the cliff on the beach, which was crowded with people, and plunged into the sea. source

Two helicopters were required to take off on Dorset. Dorset beauty spot and hundreds of people were taken back home after the site was closed by the police.

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