Maye Musk become the oldest Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover at 74

Maye Musk become the oldest Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover at 74 The 70s women are beautiful’ Maye Musk struts her way across the Cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit at Age 74: ‘I’m Living the Most Amazing Life I’ve ever had’

Maye Musk is “living the life” at age 74.

The model who graced the cover of 2022’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit magazine of the magazine while taking pictures on the beach in Belize.

“I feel fantastic,” Musk declared. “I love the photos. I love the energy of the whole team. If I thought I could be a swimsuit model for Sports Illustrated, people would have locked me away like a crazy lady. And now here I am!”

Dietitian, author, fashion model, and mother of the billionaire business mogul Elon Musk was awestruck by her honor and also by the direction she’s taken in her life as a model who’s achieved more accomplishments over the years.

“Who knew that in my late 60s and 70s, I would be booked because I’m Maye Musk and a model?” she asked. “I never thought I would be walking in New York Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week and Milan Fashion Week. I’ve been through the hard times, and now I’m living the life — I mean, I really am.”

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Maye Musk become the oldest Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover ‘Women in their 70s are gorgeous’

Maye Musk hopes that people will be paying attention to this fact when they look at her SI Swimsuit cover. Maye Musk become the oldest Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover at 74.

“I’m very excited to let people know that women in their 70s are gorgeous,” she told us.

Maye Musk’s daughter, the filmmaker Tosca Musk is as thrilled as her mother about her Sports Illustrated opportunity. She’s also not shocked by it.

“In her years on this planet she’s earned two master’s degrees in nutrition science, won awards in the dietetics field, has been in countless fashion shows and editorials, and she’s even appeared in a Beyonce video,” Tosca exclaimed in an article she wrote of her mother in the publication. “She is an uncontainable force, and she’s the most fearless woman I’ve ever known.”

If Elon Musk has taught us something, it’s that things in life that people might consider impossible are definitely not and that after he started Tesla at the age of 32 Musk showed that age is just age in the context of reaching the milestones of your career.

It seems like the billionaire got this information from the mother of his son, Maye Musk. Sports Illustrated reported on Monday that the model, who is 74, will grace the cover of their highly sought-after Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue in 2022.

“I did not think that age would be a problem, because as a dietician and scientist I don’t see age as an issue. I’m just thrilled that people are now scheduling me to give talks about ageism and how you can feel confident regardless of age” Musk told SI in her interview for the cover.

“I’m extremely proud to be able to send an example to women across the world to seek happiness, engage in activities that you love to do be with people you like, and be friendly to everyone as you’ll never know what you’ll get into and go after everything you’d like to achieve. I am truly living the most wonderful life I’ve ever had and I had no idea of to be living it.”

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The mother of Elon (50), Kimball (49), and Tosca (47) started modeling at age 15 but made her first big break in the business after she reached the milestone of 60. which contributes to her grey hair which was developed later in her life.

For a handful of her accomplishments in her later years, her modeling (and dietician) was naked on The cover of New York Magazine in 2011 and became the oldest spokesperson for CoverGirl at the age of 69 in 2017, and was featured in the music video of Beyonce’s Haunted in 2014, and took to the streets for the first time in New York Fashion Week in 2015 for Malan Breton.

When she is asked, Musk will still say she’s a mom, and that’s the job she’s most proud of.

“I’m most proud of my three kids; of course,” Musk stated. “I’m very excited for everything they do.”

Elon and his mom were seen together earlier in the month when Elon brought his mother as his companion for the Met Gala, to the delight and delight of many who walked the carpet.

Tosca Musk, Musk’s eldest and sole daughter, wrote the essay in Sports Illustrated honoring her mother as well as the cover for the milestone she praised as”the “most fearless woman” and an “uncontainable force.”

“My aim is to inspire women. My older twin brother Elon has a passion for humanity and making sure that we are able to survive. My younger sister, Kimbal has a passion for transparency with regards to food and making sure that people know their own health.” Musk wrote about her siblings. “I believe my mom was the one who inspired us to take on all of these things. Even today, she often takes the time to visit us and show her support for us personally at our events around the world.” source

According to the magazine other cover models Kim Kardashian, singer Ciara, and model Yumi Nu are joined by Musk in order to “headline one of the most diverse issues in the magazine’s history,” one which doesn’t rely on one particular quality of beauty.

“The journey we’ve been on — to break out of the mold the world put us in — may sound familiar,” said Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Editor-in-Chief MJ Day. “It’s certain that it’s known to those we’ve picked as our models for the cover: Maye, Ciara, Yumi, Kim. Therefore, in this issue, we’re encouraging readers to look at the models we’ve chosen as we do as multifaceted, multitalented and also sexy while doing it.”

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