Outlander Season 6 Episode 7 Explained: Sticks and Stones

Outlander Season 6 Episode 7 Explained: Outlander Season 6 comes back after its Spring/Easter Break absence with some clarifications to fans about Malva’s tragic death. While our evaluation of possible suspects in Malva’s murder put Claire as a low-risk suspect on our scale, however, the people from the Ridge are convinced that Claire had a motive, the means, and the possibility. It’s the responsibility of members of the Fraser family to unite to help Claire and Jamie since they are victimized by rumors and speculation.

It’s been observed Claire through the entire season experience many hallucinations of Lionel Brown. In this episode, Claire’s visions of Lionel frequently refer to the witchcraft of her past and selfish tendencies. They also use the anger and disappointment she felt at Malva’s false accusation against Jamie.

Throughout the entire season, Caitriona Balfe has done a fantastic job portraying Claire struggling with her mind and this episode is no different. The hallucinations included flashbacks to Dougal, Geillis, and Frank harassing her. The ether is the only factor that can stop the hallucinations and getting her off of it is a challenge.

The Christies are convinced that Claire is witchcraft due to her emergency cesarean and the fact that she was the first to discover the body. Tom insists Malva be placed at the bottom of the earth because she was pregnant and unmarried. 

Outlander Season 6 Episode 7 Explained

Outlander Season 6: Jamie insists that Malva as well as her son get a Christian burial. A majority of Ridge residents believe that Claire has killed Malva due to jealousy or witchcraft. Hiram Crombie as well as the Bugs along with Obadiah Henderson all contribute to the conspiracy theories and fanfiction theorists.

Outlander Season 6 Episode 7
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Fraser’s Ridge still doesn’t have an official minister. Roger accepts to officiate in the funeral of Malva, but he’s having doubts as to whether it’s the right choice to perform the ceremony. Jamie says Roger’s killing of the man who was killed in Brownsville wasn’t murder, and Roger shouldn’t feel that the crime he committed was not his fault. 

He’s also concerned about the conflict between his personal beliefs as a father, and the church’s theology on whether unborn children are allowed to go to heaven. At the end of the episode, he’s convinced that the calling of a minister is his passion.  Outlander Season 6 Episode 7

He informs Bree she’s found something the same as the way he was taught in the 20th century. There’s plenty of time to allow Roger to take a formal training course with the Presbytery in Edenton prior to Bree’s expected date. The Ridge will only need to contend with the issue of a Presbyterian minister who is married to the wife of a Catholic.

The funeral of Malva begins with sadness up to Alan refusing to let Jamie serve as a pallbearer. Ian steps in instead. Claire is willing to carry the baby’s casket, but then Alan removes it from her. He blames everyone else in the Frasers for living their lives perfectly but he’s in a state of ruin. 

This is the worst we’ve seen of Alan during the whole season. Everybody interprets his anger as the grief of a grieving brother. Jamie and Claire decide to go away to calm the situation. Outlander Season 6

Lizzie has been spending time together with the Beardsley twins for a considerable amount of time. It’s obvious that they both have a crush on Lizzie but she hasn’t been able to decide the brother she would like to be with. 

Ian is looking for clues to the identity of Malva’s killer, and it’s a bit suspicious that the Beardsleys have gone missing. There’s no evidence Josiah or Keziah was more than talking about Malva during Claire’s ether-based practice during Episode 5, however they could have seen someone or seen something unusual.

Lizzie finally admits to Ian and then Claire her brother, who is missing due to fear that they’ll get into trouble. Lizzie could not choose which brother to pursue, so she decided to stay in bed with both of them after she was sick with malaria in the earlier Outlander Season 6. 

The Ridge was unable to take on Malva’s claims of Jamie as the father of her child and isn’t willing to accept Lizzie along with Beardsley’s formation of an 18th Century equivalent of the polygamous trio. The show doesn’t address questions about Josiah and Keziah having a romantic relationship with each other, however, Lizzie’s description indicates Lizzie possesses two love interests.

Claire was born in the 1960s and therefore her primary concern is whether Lizzie is being abused or coerced in any manner. Jamie has learned much about the future from Claire regarding the future but her fear of the 18th Century man he’s buried for a time comes back by expressing his anger. Outlander

He insists that Lizzie pick one brother to get married to by using straws. Jamie hands over Keziah and commands Josiah to go to the Ridge. Jamie’s plan doesn’t succeed, however, because Lizzie is later asked by Roger to carry out the ceremony of handfasting alongside Josiah. When she discovers this, Jamie half-jokingly calls this an “unholy trinity”. Outlander Season 6

Lizzie’s confession could surprise readers who haven’t gone through the novel, but the script is able to convey the real feelings of Lizzie toward Josiah and Keziah quite well. The guilt she experiences is due to the expectations society has imposed on her relationship since it’s out of the norms. 

The storyline in this novel is much less than a shocker if compared to the novel, as Seasons 5 and 6 in Outlander Season 6 included subtle hints of Lizzie’s appreciation for the Beardsley twins.

Claire is shocked she was surprised Lizzie didn’t call her to discuss her pregnancy. Lizzie claims that she tried to speak to her on the day Malva passed away however the door to the hospital was locked. The knocks are what Claire was hearing in her dream when she discovered the body of Malva. The knowledge she gained will change her thinking process however, Lionel appears in the operation.

This time, Jamie sees a fearful Claire. Then she has to confront somebody about the nightmares that wake her which can be eliminated with the help of ether. Jamie informs her that her decision to remain within the present and reconnect with Jamie has brought happiness to their grandchildren and their children. Most importantly, Claire has Jamie to assist her in overcoming the dark. 

The many ether scenes were all building to a conclusion that was logical It’s okay for people who are emotionally strong to admit they require assistance. Although this information was not mentioned in the novel, however, it served as a powerful plot device, demonstrating how Claire was able to recover from the episodes of the previous season. Outlander Season 6

Just when Claire and Jamie think they’ve finally managed to find peace and peace when they hear and witness men riding horses. Claire is in jail for the murder of Malva. Bree as well as Roger’s jokes on Perry Mason turn out to be the fulfillment of a prophecy. 

Why do you think Claire is in a position to prove her innocence? Which was the dad of Malvas’s child and, if he was also the one who committed murder? We’ll learn next week in the season 6 finale of Outlander Season 6.

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