Pete Davidson to leave Saturday Night Live after 8 years

Pete Davidson to leave Saturday Night Live following the 47th season finale on the weekend. Davidson is joined on the show by Aidy Bryant, Kate McKinnon and Kyle Mooney.

News of their departures indicates that the show’s long-running run is now ready to make a major change to its cast and to rebalance the show prior to the new season begins to introduce new characters.

The two McKinnon as well as Bryant have been regulars on SNL when they first joined the show in the year 2012 when they broke away from the norm with their portrayals of Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Senator Ted Cruz, respectively.

Mooney joined the show in 2013 and has been a hit with his unique offbeat sketches. Davidson was a bit unknown , but has since become an under-appreciated character throughout the years. The cast of four has been the mainstays of the show throughout the years, and will leave huge shoes to fill in following their departure.

The time Davidson was on the air included his cult “Weekend Update,” impression of previous New York governor Andrew Cuomo and actor Rami Malek. The fans of the show are aware that, with his departure the character he played regularly Chad is no longer appearing on the show “live from New York.”

In spite of his departure, Davidson will still maintain an association with NBC because he’s scheduled to appear as a writer, co-star and also executive produce the streaming show Bupkis with Lorne Michaels. Pete Davidson’s run in the show Saturday Night Live will be ending soon.

Davidson joined the now iconic NBC sketch comedy series in the 40th season’s premiere in 2014. He was just 20 when he was among the youngest cast members. He made his name into history by being the first member of the cast born in the late 1990s.

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Aidy Bryant, Kate McKinnon, Kyle Mooney and Pete Davidson to leave Saturday Night Live also

However, in the last few months the involvement of Davidson could be perceived as a distractor from the fundamental principles of SNL. Davidson has been in the news recently for his highly publicized fight with Kanye West, which has taken on many forms. McKinnon, Kyle Mooney and Pete Davidson to leave Saturday Night Live also.

It began when Davidson began to date Kim Kardashian, but the rapper soon began subjecting Davidson and Kardashian to online harassment , which caused a lot of questions.

In the past, Davidson publicly addressed the brutal abuse of Kanye West. He also spoke out about the remarks Kanye made regarding his health. In a joke, the comedian claimed that he had received an all-body test following Kanye made a rumor regarding Davidson being diagnosed with AIDS due to an “genius” had diagnosed him with the illness.

He also discussed the music video Kanye created where he hints that he was planning to physically attack Davidson in a scene in which Kanye cut the comedian’s head off. While joking about the music clip and Kanye’s ludicrous acts, Davidson commented: “Chris [Rock] got slapped [and] I got decapitated.”

Despite these controversies, Davidson has also attracted attention for his new projects like his Netflix biopic I Slept With Joey Ramone where he was played by Joey Ramone. In the present, Davidson has announced that the actor will finally leave Saturday Night Live which had been a crucial aspect of his professional career. source

While Davidson was previously reported to have said the actor would be “ready to hang up the jersey” however there was no confirmation of this evident. It’s now established that the current season finale will be the last show appearance for Davidson for Saturday Night Live.

Alongside Davidson there is been confirmed that Aidy Bryant, Kate McKinnon, and Kyle Mooney are also set to depart.

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