Queen Elizabeth II launched Barbie Doll on 96th Birthday

The Queen Elizabeth II launched Barbie Doll on the occasion of her 96th birthday on Thursday is “instantly recognizable”, fitted with an ivory dress and blue ribbon, adorned with ornaments of order.

The Queen’s historical Platinum Jubilee is to be honored with the Barbie brand, with the development of a doll honoring her image.

In Feb. 2022, Queen Elizabeth II became the first British monarch to serve 70 years on the throne. The Barbie’s gown is inspired by one of the queen’s most iconic looks. The collectable doll wears an ivory gown, blue riband with decorations of order, and a stunning tiara based on Queen Mary’s Fringe Tiara.

It will also include the tiara modeled on Queen Mary’s fringe tiara which she was wearing at her wedding.

The pink ribbon on the doll is a copy of the one that was given to Queen Elizabeth II by her late father George VI. The pale blue is similar to one worn by the grandfather of her George V.

The doll will form part of Barbie’s Tribute Collection, which was released last year to mark the anniversary of “visionary individuals with an outstanding impact and legacy within society”.

This year Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her 70th year on her British throne making her the only British monarch to be crowned in course of more than 1000 years to attain this feat in record time.

In celebration of this historic moment and to honor the Queen’s legacy, the toymaker Mattel has introduced the Tribute Collection Barbie doll that is based on her.

Queen Elizabeth II launched Barbie Doll celebrates the royal’s 96th birthday

” Barbie celebrates the longest-running monarch throughout British history Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, whose remarkable rule has allowed her to rule with a fervent commitment to duty as well as serving her country.

After 70 years of service and 70 years of service, Queen Elizabeth II is one of the few British monarchs to be honored with the Platinum Jubilee,” Queen Elizabeth II launched Barbie Doll the product description states.

Queen Elizabeth | Barbie Doll
image credit: metro.com

Inspired by The Queen’s iconic fashions The doll wears a stunning ivory gown, paired with blue riband, with embellishments of the highest quality. The doll is also sporting a beautiful crown, with matching accessories that complete her royal outfit.

The Queen Elizabeth II launched Barbie Doll will arrive packaged in a box that is modeled on the throne rooms in Buckingham Palace and will feature an emblem with a crest and badge to commemorate this year’s Platinum Jubilee.

“The gown is not a duplicate of any gown she has worn, but one inspired by the fashion and color of dresses she’s favored in portraits of royalty of herself over the last several years. If you take a look at these photos or the way she dresses for major events her style is very distinctive.

Her own style and appearance that is always a basic style in ivory or white and it makes sense considering the fact that she wears all of the accessories like jewelry and sash to match her position,” Robert Best, the director of Barbie Design, Barbie Design, wrote in an article on the blog.

According to reports, it is the first time that the Barbie brand has produced dolls that resemble the appearance of a real royal. Before, dolls depicting historical royals like the Queen Elizabeth I and Marie Antoinette were made.

It will be offered in London shops Harrods, Selfridges, and Hamleys in advance of the formal Platinum Jubilee celebrations in early June, Reuters reported. It is priced at $75 per site.

In celebration of the Queen’s birthday today, the Royal Windsor Horse Show also released a brand new photo featuring her with two of her fallen ponies Bybeck Katie and Nightingale. Bybeck Katie And Bybeck Nightingale.

In accordance with the official Instagram handle of the Royal Family, the photo was captured this month on the premises of Windsor Castle and is the fourth image in the series of images published through the Royal Windsor Horse Show.

In the past, photos celebrating those celebrating the Golden Jubilee, Platinum Jubilee, and her 90th birthday were released to the public. source

It will also be on sale in Harrods, Hamley’s, Selfridges, John Lewis, and on Amazon. It is available for purchase for $75 at Mattel Creations, creations.mattel.com

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