Revelation Perth International Film Festival 2022

The 25th annual Revelation Perth International Film Festival will be returning to Luna Cinemas Leederville this July.
The festival continues to redefine what a festival of the film can be, even in the most challenging of times.

The festival will honor independent filmmakers and boundary-pushing storytellers from all over the world and across the globe with films taken from Rotterdam, Berlin, SXSW, Venice, and Locarno Film Festivals.

The opening act of the festival is ‘Sissy’, which is a wickedly clever Aussie horror film that recently impressed the crowds at SXSW. A popular influencer is confronted by her former tyrant during a hen’s day The band claims”revenge is a good thing to share on Instagram. “revenge is a dish that should be shared via Instagram”.

In keeping with the festival’s reputation of showing cutting-edge documentaries “. The film is a live-on-the-wall document that was shot during the course of the story and a crew of filmmakers watching the person who was able to survive an attempted assassination.

Australia’s most prestigious film festival The every year Revelation Perth International Film Festival will mark its silver anniversary this year. The festival will return to Luna Cinemas Leederville from 7 to 17 July.

International Film Festival
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Revelation Perth International Film Festival 25th anniversary

Revelation Perth International Film Festival Presenting the best locally and internationally independent films, which is programmed by FilmInk collaborator Jack Sargeant, the festival will feature films that are directly taken from Rotterdam, Berlin, Venice, Locarno, and SXSW film festivals.

The latter has been picked for Opening Night, with Kane Senes and Hannah Barlow’s social media Slasher SISSY which stars Aisha Dee Yerin Ha Lucy Barret, Emily de Margheriti, Daniel Monks, Shaun Martindale, and Barlow.

The documentary will be released on the same day. Navalny is a live-on-the-wall portrayal of Putin’s adversaries Alexi Navalny who was poisoned by the deadly nerve agent in the year 2020 and is currently in prison and is on waiting to assume the presidency.

Other Australian films that are screening are SXSW Audience Award winner the SHADOW Back-To Back Theatres innovative drama created collaboratively by disabled people both in front and behind the camera.

The film will also be shown as The Neighbours actress Georgie Stone’s personal doco The Dreamland of Georgie Stone, which was first screened during the Tribeca Film Festival. It will be a major part of the “Different Voices” segment at Revelation alongside the two films.

Similar to previous special events held at Revelation The combination of film and music is often the most memorable and this year’s event will have DECIBEL New Music Ensemble performing live 20-minute pieces that are accompanied by a video. originally designed for online delivery.

The ground-breaking Australian feature film “Shadow,” which was created by disabled people in front of cameras and in the background, is certain to be awe-inspiring. It’s a tale of Artificial Intelligence and disability activism.

The ‘Neighbours’ actress’s personal short film “The Dreamlife Of Georgie Stone’ screens from Tribeca as part of the ‘Different Voices’ program at Revelation. The film is one of the three documentary films featured in the program and was shot over a period of 10 years, looking at the young woman’s life from her childhood until adulthood, while promoting the autonomy of transgender adolescents and children to make their own choices about their the identity they want to.

Local micro-budget filmmaking gets deserved kudos in “Bassendream,” an action film that was shot on a shoestring and located in Perth suburbia on the final day of the summer school holiday. It’s a wacky and naughty story of friendship, youth and family.

Decibel performs an original music and film composition comprising 20 two-minute songs originally designed for delivery online. They were recorded in as well as out of locking down by musicians and screen artists spread between Perth as well as Melbourne. source

The Backlot will host a special Westralia Day at The Backlot will highlight local short films and long-form material.

And to wrap everything up to conclude the festival, everything comes to an end by recognizing some of WA’s young filmmakers by presenting Take Your Shorts On! as well as The City Of Vincent Film Project special event.

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