Sasha Banks and Naomi Walked out from Monday night RAW WWE 2022

Sasha Banks and Naomi Walked out from Monday night RAW WWE. The company released an announcement following a behind-the-scenes controversy that occurred on Monday (16.05.22) that resulted in viewers witnessing the Women’s Tag Team Champions legitimately quitting the studio while filming the show. The report that the team had issues with the original style of the storyline.

“The Mandalorian Starring Sasha, as well as her tag team Naomi, were scheduled to participate in the planned ‘Six-Pack Challenge that would headline the show However, WWE had to alter their plans and instead chose only one fight against Becky Lynch and Asuka.

In the statement, WWE said: “When Sasha Banks and Naomi arrived in the arena today they were informed of their presence at the main event the night’s Monday Night Raw.

“During the live broadcast, the wrestlers went into WWE Director of Talent Relations John Laurinaitis’ office, carrying their bags in their hands, placed their belts of championships as tag teams on his desk before walking out.

T”hey claimed that they weren’t respected enough for their tag team titles. Although they were given an hour to prepare for their match they said they were not comfortable when they were in the ring against the two opponents even though they’ve been in matches with them previously without consequence.

“Monday Night Raw” is an unscripted live-streaming show which has its characters expected to fulfill the terms of their contracts.

“We regret we were unable to deliver, as advertised, tonight’s main event.”

Sasha Banks and Naomi Walked out from RAW WWE stop live streaming

Sasha Banks and Naomi
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According to various media reports, Sasha Banks and Naomi Walked out from Monday night RAW problems were with the storyline plan instead of their adversaries as they were suggested.

As per Fightful Select and PWInsider, Banks had a meeting with the boss Vince McMahon to discuss issues she faced with creative ideas and creative ideas, but neither side backs on their plans.

Banks and Naomi have yet to address the issue publicly However, it’s been reported that they left in the same building.

The real-life situation was discussed on the air, both on the commentary as well as backstage.

On the last night’s broadcast of Monday Night Raw in Norfolk, Virginia, a Six-Pack Challenge was announced to determine the top contenders for the title.

The plan was swiftly altered and there were rumors of Sasha Banks and Naomi had problems with their ideas for the tournament and had expressed complaints with Vince McMahon.

It was reported by PW Insider that when the WWE boss refused to alter the way the match was scheduled, Sasha Banks walked out and Naomi was next to her.

The plans changed quickly on the night, with a brand new main event scheduled with Becky Lynch and Asuka, and then, after the event was over, the WWE issued a bizarre statement on the issue.

“When Sasha Banks and Naomi arrived at the arena this afternoon, they were informed of their participation in the main event of tonight’s Monday Night Raw,” the statement read.

“During the broadcast, they walked into WWE Head of Talent Relations John Laurinaitis’ office with their suitcases in hand, placed their tag team championship belts on his desk, and walked out.”

It went on to say: “They claimed they weren’t valued enough as the tag team’s champions.

“And even having eight hours to practice and build their match, they said they felt uncomfortable together with their two adversaries although they’ve played against them previously without result.

“Monday Night Raw is a scripted live TV show, whose characters are expected to perform the requirements of their contract. We regret we were unable to deliver, as advertised, tonight’s main event.”

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This statement is causing confusion among fans through the use of the names of the talent’s rings and not calling them Mercedes Kaestner-Varnado and Trinity Fatu – yet also speaking out about rehearsing and building’ matches and recognizing Raw as a “scripted” TV show.

Furthermore, the statement is in sharp contrast to recent similar instances, such as the resignation of CM Punk, which was not at first accepted by the company, and Mustafa’s unsuccessful efforts to get his release.

Although there was discussion about Naomi being pinned by her tag teammate Sasha Banks during the match, Fightful has claimed that the original idea for the main event of yesterday was to see Naomi wrestle Nikki ASH.

The pair are believed to have resisted the suggestion in WWE’s announcement that they were not interested to collaborate together with Becky Lynch or Asuka, however, they do want to join forces alongside Nikki ASH and Doudrop at the coming WWE Hell In a Cell pay-per-view.

Sasha Banks and Naomi are believed to have been concerned which was shared by a lot of fans, regarding the direction taken by their tag team as well as their Tag team for women. source

We’re informed the truth is that Sasha Banks and Naomi’s issues were mostly about the direction taken by their tag team, as well as the entire division.

Banks has been looking at options for career opportunities outside of the WWE in recent times as she has been playing Koska Reeves on The Mandalorian, a Disney+ series The Mandalorian.

Naomi is engaged with Jonathan Fatu – aka Jimmy Uso who is currently SmackDown Tag Team Champion and is part of Roman Reigns’ ascendant Bloodline stable.

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