The Biggest Questions of Stranger Thing Season 4

The Biggest Questions of Stranger Thing Season 4: “Stranger Things,” is finally back. It might have been a while since the last season. Season 4 takes a deep dive into the issues that were left unresolved when Season 3 ended. You will see your beloved “Stranger Things” characters back along with many new faces. Their adventures are larger than ever. Season 4 is a story that goes beyond Hawkins and could have implications for the whole world.

The season begins with Hopper in Russia, Joyce and her children, Eleven, in California, and the gang back at Hawkins struggling to adjust to high school life. As Upside Down threatens Hawkins, everyone’s situation becomes more complicated. Season 4 begins to answer some of the biggest questions. Season 4’s Volume 1 still has many mysteries that fans can try to unravel on their own. These are the most important unanswered questions that will keep “Stranger Things,” in the second half of its fourth season.

How did Hopper travel to Russia | The Biggest Questions of Stranger Thing Season 4

The Biggest Questions of Stranger Thing Season 4: Season 3’s dramatic finale sees Hopper make a self-sacrificing act to secure a gate to The Upside Down. This is one of the most shocking scenes on the show, and it was also the only time that a central cast member died. There were hints that Hawkins’ police chief wasn’t yet dead. Netflix released a teaser trailer for “Stranger Things Season 4” six months after Season 3. It revealed that Hopper survived the explosion and ended up in Russia.

Season 4’s first episode spends a lot of time with Hopper, as he is interrogated and sent to a prison camp by Russian soldiers. Hopper makes a friendship with a less than loyal prison guard and plots his escape. Despite all this, the show refuses to reveal how Hopper got from Hawkins into Russia. Fans can only hope Volume 2 of Season 4 will provide the answer to the mysterious connection between Hawkins, the Upside Down, and Hopper.

Can Vecna’s people trapped in the Upside Down still be saved?

A new big bad has made his way from the Upside Down down to Hawkins to terrorize the town. This new threat is named Vecna by the gang after Vecna, a dark wizard from a “Dungeons and Dragons” campaign that can curse his foes. Vecna causes his victims vivid hallucinations and, when they become too strong, he uses his power to crush their bodies and remove their eyes. These are some of the most horrific deaths in “Stranger Things,” however, Vecna may have a solution.

Max is pulled into The Upside Down by Vecna during an imposed vision. She gets a clear look at what the wizard is doing. Max is able to see Vecna’s victims strung up on pillars. Later, the group questions if Vecna uses them to enhance his psychic abilities. One informs Eleven in Chapter Seven: The Massacre At Hawkins Lab that the victims of Vecna are still alive in his head. It is possible that Vecna may have said the same thing about the Vecna victims. There might be a way for everyone to be saved retroactively if that is the case.

Max’s curse can the gang break?

Hawkins is being terrorized by Vecna’s curse. Anyone who is afflicted by the curse has visions that are tied to past trauma. Images of an old grandfather clock are woven throughout these visions. Anyone who has seen the clock multiple times comes face to face with Vecna. Vecna grabs the victim’s head in the vision and makes some changes to their minds. In the real world, Vecna lifts the victim’s head into the air and then crumples it like a piece of paper. The panic caused by the violence and randomness of the victims sends the whole town into chaos.

When one of their members is cursed, the main “Stranger Things” gang becomes more concerned about stopping the attacks. Max believes her days are over when Vecna starts appearing in visions. Max’s friends discover that she can escape the vision by playing music during Vecna’s attacks. However, this doesn’t completely end her curse. Max is still a target of Vecna. They’ll hopefully find a cure in Season 2!

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