Ulta Beauty Apologizes for Email about Kate Spade suicide 2022

Ulta Beauty Apologizes for Email about Kate Spade suicide–who passed away by suicide in the year 2018–Ulta has apologized.

Spade died by suicide when she hanged herself in 2018. She was 55.

The beauty behemoth apologized in a statement to The Post on Monday.

The retailer of beauty products has sent an email out to their mailing list, on May 1st that said “Come to hang out at the bar with Kate Spade and get $15 off.” The following day, on May 2nd, Ulta Beauty sent a updated email to address the issue as an error made by a human “error.”

“In an email we just sent that featured the Kate Spade new york brand fragrances the use of insensitive words was made, and we’re deeply we are sorry,”” the message began. “We have the highest respect for the Kate Spade brand and the pleasure this brand brings the fashion and beauty industries. We at Ulta Beauty, we recognize that our employees are humans, and this was an honest mistake with no intention to harm anyone.”

The brand went on to pay tribute to the importance of May by naming it Mental Health Awareness Month.

“We’re very aware this month is Mental Health Awareness Month. Health and mental well being is a significant and serious issue for our nation, and is not something we should ever consider taking for granted,” this message said. “We are working with our internal team to ensure that something similar does not happen again.”

In closing the message, Ulta Beauty issued an apology to the Spade family and its partners.

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Ulta Beauty Apologizes for Email about Kate Spade suicide

Ulta Beauty Apologizes for Email about Kate Spade suicide “To our Spade family as well as to our brand partners from Kate Spade We’re truly sorry and to our customers we sincerely apologize for the sour mistake,” the email read. “Simply put it’s not in line with our standard.”

May is Mental Health Awareness month, another person has said, “Kate Spade was amazing and was an icon. Your lack of care for details is at best sad but negligent and damaging at worst. Make it better. #MentalHealthAwareness.”

Critiquing the critics that are disseminating the promotional One said, “Sharing that awful Kate Spade x ulta beauty email is actually more damaging than sending it , in my opinion because someone commenting who wouldn’t have seen the email had they not were affected by the message. That person should’ve simply sent an email to the company.”

In the wake of the fashion icon’s passing her family released an emotional statement declaring: “To most of the world they were Kate Spade, the beautiful symbol of her brand, and a glamorized fashion icon.”

Kate Spade founded the brand together with her husband Andy Spade in the early 1990s. They sunk their own funds to start their collection of fashionable colorful handbags. they sold through trade shows until Barneys and Saks were able to carry them without the assistance of celebrity endorsements , which many brands depend on today.

The couple have sold their share of Kate Spade to Neiman Marcus in 2006 — the time it was considered to be iconic and extended beyond the bags, to encompass accessories, clothes and household goods.

Andy issued the statement of his personal in the wake of Kate’s demise, saying the fact that “there were personal issues she was fighting.”

“Kate was afflicted with anxiety and depression for a number of years. She was seeking assistance and cooperating with her doctors to treat her condition which claimed far more lives than it deserves,” the doctor wrote back in 2018. Source

If you’re experiencing suicidal thoughts, or are suffering from an emotional health crisis and reside inside New York City, you can dial 1-888-NYCWELL to receive no-cost and confidential crisis counseling. If you’re not within New York City’s five boroughs call the 24-hour National Suicide Prevention hotline at 1-800-273-8255.

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